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Wedding table setting by a firelit fireplace.



We're flower people, but more than anything, we're party people.

We're a full-service event planning crew ready to elevate your vision and create the wedding of your dreams.


Planning a wedding is no small task.


We know this. It's essentially what made us start this business. We wanted to help people plan unforgettable parties with our fresh ideas, unique eye for design, and our ability to make things go off without a hitch. 

Because of this, we don't offer packages with set price points and we never do anything twice. Our services are a-la-carte so you can get the things you really want and your wedding can be tailor-made to you - a true celebration of your relationship.

Prior to booking, our process starts with a quick questionnaire about the details of your wedding (it's totally fine if you don't have all the details). Next, schedule an appointment with us, we'll talk things through and spend the next 1-2 weeks conceptualizing the perfect way to bring your dreams to life. 

The wedding questionnaire will be shown during the scheduling process. Once you pick a date and time, you'll be prompted to answer some questions before confirming the appointment.​

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