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As home growers continue to increase across Canada many are turning to Canada’s analytical testing labs to give them an understanding of what is in their cannabis. Slaughter says his labs could potentially process up to 1,200 tests per day with an investment : in some additional equipment. Shift your focus from quantity to quality. Be sure to contact the laboratory , directly to find out what testing they offer, any requirements for product submission, cost, and amount of product needed for an accurate result. About Services Ordering Contact Suite 407, 15 Innovation BLVDSaskatoon, SK Canada. S7N 2X8 306-244-8233 Cannabis products from licensed producers are strictly regulated to ensure they are fit for human consumption. They must meet federal regulations, including mandatory testing for the presence of solvent residues and contaminants such as pesticides, fungi, bacteria and heavy metals. In contrast, very little is known about the quality of cannabis sold on the illicit market or production practices used by unlicensed growers in Canada.ontario cannabis buy onlineThey’d also be drawing more consumers away from illicit suppliers. Half of Ontario’s cannabis consumption might now be legal (as it is in Québec), rather than just one-quarter. As Canada’s largest province, , Ontario has a range of enjoyable things to offer once you purchase your marijuana online. If you adore dwelling in picturesque views of nature, you simply can’t , miss heading to Niagara Falls to take a walk among the country’s most historical and breathtaking landmarks. Sign up today to never miss one of our UNBEATABLE sales! Orders averaged just below 5,000 a day until April 3 when they shot to a high of 13,691 - the same day Ontario declared cannabis stores were not an essential business. Those stores were able to re-open four days later but only with curbside and delivery service.reddit ontario cannabisWith 36 storefront locations, GrowGeneration Corp. is the largest chain of hydroponic and garden centers in the U.S. These retail supply centers provide products for growing marijuana at home and works with other major marijuana companies. , One Reddit user wrote in a post last week that Tilray "is a movement," adding that the company has "fantastic stats" and is "a worthy opponent to AMC" as a meme stock. “They’ve been forecasting and planning for their entry into the Ontario cannabis space for a long time,” Shega Youngson, Canopy’s community engagement manager, said of the owner. Someone else posted a photo of the same weed strain with mold on it in the same subreddit on Tuesday. Interest from retail investors appeared to lift cannabis stocks broadly higher on Wednesday, signalling that the recent trading frenzy behind Reddit favourites such as GameStop is shifting to other companies.