Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you can clear up any questions or concerns you may have while shopping with us. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Wedding & Events

What's the best way to get information about your Wedding & Event services?

We're excited that you want to work with us! We have a few questions to ask you before we can clearly give you an answer. Please schedule an appointment with us for any inquiries you may have.

Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment?

Yes, you must call the shop for any cancellations or to reschedule your appointment. We're currently working on a way to manage your appointments online, but until then, give us a call!

We had our consultation - when will I receive a proposal?

So glad we were able to chat with you! We're a small team, so please expect 1-2 week turnaround time for all proposals. We'll be in touch with you once it's ready.

What can I expect from a consultation?

When you're scheduling a consultation with us, you'll be prompted to choose a date and time for the appointment. Once that's set, you'll see a set of preliminary questions about your wedding/event. The questions are all voluntary, but it really helps us out if you can give us as much detail as possible. We know that sometimes you're exploring your options, and don't have all the details flushed out yet, and that's totally fine! Just give us what you can - an estimate is all we really need. Lastly, you'll confirm your appointment! Look out for an email confirmation from us. On the day of the appointment, we'll get to know each other, and talk out more details of your wedding/event. Everything after that is dependent on what we discuss during our appointment.

Does it matter who I set my appointment with?

Nope! We're a mother-daughter duo and work together for all events and weddings, so it doesn't matter who you set your appointment with.


How do subscriptions work?

Placing a subscription order is similar to making a one-time bouquet order. 1. We have 4 different price options for subscriptions - $55, $75, $100, and $150. 2. Decide which price point works for you, and then decide how frequently you'd like to send/receive the bouquet - weekly, monthly, or yearly. 3. Add the order to your cart - this is where you'll checkout like normal - just make sure you let us know what day to send the bouquet 4. You'll be charged for the bouquet, and we'll send out the bouquet whenever you tell us to. Our system currently doesn't allow for you to choose which date to charge your card, so please be sure to purchase your subscription within 7 days of your desired delivery date.

What if an occasion lands on a day that the shop isn't open?

If a birthday, holiday, or other occasion happens to land on Sunday or Monday (our rest days), we'll deliver the day before - or we'll work out an alternative day that works for you.

Floral Ordering & Care

How do does custom ordering work?

We try to make the process of ordering super easy and straightforward! Here are the steps: 1. Choose a bouquet budget (we start budget prices at $55) 2. Choose what your flowers will be presented in: a vase or wrapped in paper. 3. Choose a color scheme (if you know they have a favorite color), OR let our floral designers create the theme for you. You won't be disappointed! 4. Write a nice card (optional) 5. Tell us what day and time you want to pick up or have us deliver.

Can I request specific flowers?

Yes! Our flower selection is on a constant rotation, but we'll try our best to meet your needs. Please be mindful that we use the flowers that we have on hand, and might not be able to get ahold of your specific flower.

I'm allergic to certain flowers. Can I request to omit specific flowers?

Yes, absolutely! Please let us know any restrictions you may have in the notes section at checkout.

How do I order the same bouquet I got last time?

Unfortunately, we can't promise that you'll get a bouquet that's exactly like the one you've previously received. Our designers don't follow any recipes - each design is new & unique. With that being said, we'd be happy to try to recreate your bouquet as best we can - we just can't promise it'll be the same. Please contact us for specific requests. If you happen to have a picture of the bouquet you want recreated, it would be helpful if you uploaded it!

Do you have a catalog to choose from?

No, we do not have a catalog of bouquets. All of our floral arrangements are custom-made for you. Our floral designers create new designs for every order, so they're all unique. If you're still feeling uncertain and want a catalog to choose from, we do offer floral selections from the previous shop owner (our shop was formerly Gratitude Heart Garden). All the floral options from our previous shop owner can be found on BloomNation.

How do I keep my bouquet fresh?

Here are some tips to extend the life of your bouquet: 1. Keep the stems in clean water - just enough to submerge the ends sufficiently 2. Change out the water out when it looks dirty 3. Keep your bouquet away from direct sunlight 4. Trim ~1inch of your bouquet stems at an angle (diagonally), rather than bluntly straight across 5. Try to trim any leaves off that will be submerged by the water (to prevent bacteria growth in the water) 6. Feed it flower food (we provide some with every bouquet)

Pickup & Deliveries

What options do I have to send/receive floral bouquets?

We offer FREE in-store pickup and delivery within the Chicagoland area for a flat fee of $18.

Where are your Chicago delivery zones?

Below, you'll find a complete list of zipcodes that we currently deliver to. If yours is not listed here, and you've ordered from us before, please call the shop to work something out! 60601 60602 60603 60604 60605 60606 60607 60608 60610 60611 60612 60613 60614 60616 60618 60622 60624 60625 60626 60630 60631 60634 60639 60640 60641 60642 60645 60647 60651 60654 60657 60659 60660 60661

The delivery option isn't showing up for me at checkout! I can only see In-Store Pick up.

We're so sorry! If you're not seeing the option for local delivery, it means the address you're trying to deliver to is outside of our current delivery range.

When do you make deliveries?

We make deliveries when the shop is open. Our hours are: Sunday & Monday - Closed Tuesday - Friday - 10 AM - 5 PM Saturday - 10 AM - 4 PM

When will I know my order is ready for pick-up?

We try really hard to have your floral arrangements ready by the pickup time you requested. We'll send you an email letting you know when your bouquet is ready to be picked up!

How will I know my order is out for delivery?

We try our best to deliver on the day and time you specified in your order. We'll send you an email letting you know that the bouquet is out for delivery, and we do our best to give the recipient a call (based on the number you provide us in checkout) before we deliver.